About Us

Onsite Health was formed in 1999, initially to provide mobile flu vaccination services to clients throughout the greater Auckland region.

Onsite Health focuses on providing services for clients that help improve the wellness of your staff, and your organisation, by implementing preventative health measures.

Since Onsite Health’s founding in 1999, we have spent over 25 years continuously innovating, improving, and refining the processes we use to provide clients with an efficient, professional, and friendly service appreciated by over 600 clients annually in the greater Auckland region.

Facts about Onsite Health’s mobile flu vaccination service:

  1. Onsite Health was one of the first organisations to provide flu vaccinations in Auckland workplaces back in 2000 – and have been doing so annually since 2000. Today, we still provide flu vaccinations for foundation clients dating back to 2000.
  2. Onsite Health’s mobile flu vaccination service was one of the first services in Auckland authorised to operate an “approved programme” (since 2000) in terms of the Medicine Regulations 1984 reg. 44A that allow flu vaccinations to be administered by Registered Vaccinators independently of a Doctor – and without the need for a Doctor’s prescription.
  3. All of Onsite Health’s friendly and experienced Vaccinators are either Registered Pharmacist Vaccinators, or Registered Nurse Vaccinators who have current authorisation from the Medical Officer of Health for the Auckland Regional Public Health Service to provide vaccinations for adults.
  4. Onsite Health’s mobile flu vaccination service is Cold Chain Accredited (CCA). CCA means that Onsite Health’s cold chain processes meet the recommended Ministry of Health standards as outlined in the Ministry of Health’s Immunisation Handbook, ensuring that vaccines administered by Onsite Health maintain vaccine potency from their place of manufacture to the point of vaccine administration (i.e. the individual receiving the flu vaccination).
  5. All of Onsite Health’s Registered Vaccinators hold personal indemnity insurance.
  6. Onsite Health has Public Liability Insurance policy cover with Medical Assurance Society.

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