January 12

Do flu injections work?

At Onsite Health we provide mobile Flu vaccinations to companies and businesses in Auckland. A common question we get is do these flu injections work?
YES, the flu vaccine does work. It is up to 80% effective in healthy adults. Influenza vaccination reduces hospitalisation and deaths by 20% to 50%.
The flu vaccine that you receive from Onsite Health is most likely the same flu vaccine …


December 15

How long does the flu vaccine last

This is a common question we get asked at Onsite Health. The basic answer is that immunity to the strains in a flu vaccine generally wanes within 6 – 12 months following vaccination, so it is important that annual flu vaccinations be administered. Therefore, flu vaccinations will last for up to one year following vaccination – providing ongoing influenza protection for both you and your staff.

The influenza virus …

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