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January 12

Do flu injections work?

At Onsite Health we provide mobile Flu vaccinations to companies and businesses in Auckland. A common question we get is do these flu injections work?
YES, the flu vaccine does work. It is up to 80% effective in healthy adults. Influenza vaccination reduces hospitalisation and deaths by 20% to 50%.
The flu vaccine that you receive from Onsite Health is most likely the same flu vaccine that you would receive if you went to your GP to receive a flu vaccination and it is successful as detailed above if administered annually.
We assume this question of whether flu vaccinations work is driven by the fact that a lot of folk are scared of needles so they want some assurances that the trauma of getting a flu jab is outweighed by the health benefits. Before we continue we would like to point out the getting a flu vaccination is less painful than someone pinching you. The modern needles are so thin and efficient that it is quite hard to even detect when the needle has gone in and when the procedure is over.The needles used in administering the flu jab are not the intrusive variety at all.

Below is a photo we found online of Barack Obama getting the flu injection against the H1N1 virus (covered by our injection as detailed here)

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