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Onsite Health Check East Tamaki

On Site Workpace Health Check Assessment in East Tamaki, Auckland

Onsite Health will travel to East Tamaki for staff health checks to promote well-being at your company. Our qualified nurses are friendly and experienced and will make people feel comfortable during their healthcare services. Businesses and employees benefit from an onsite health check, and the advantages affect family members as well.

Benefits of Workplace Health Assessment

By incorporating a workplace health assessment into your business, employees understand that they are an integral component of the company. It conveys to the employee that their health is important. When they feel valued, they will become more invested in the work they do which increases productivity and morale.

Our services focus on prevention of disease and keeping people healthy. This type of approach decreases the overall cost of healthcare because preventing illness through education or proactive measures is less expensive than reacting to cure sickness. Health maintenance is a vital component of overall well-being.

When companies encourage healthy lifestyles through workplace health assessment and education the effects are usually felt throughout the employees’ families. For example, if the employee learns he or she has high blood pressure and begins a heart-healthy diet, the positive changes overflow to the diet of the whole family.

The most obvious benefit of workplace health assessment is the decrease in lost employee time due to illness which benefits both employer and employee. The trickle-down effect of a healthy lifestyle to the family also increases productivity due to less time off to take care of sick children or stress about concerns at home.

Staff Health Check in East Tamaki

Our registered nurses come to you to perform onsite health checks for your company. Each medical check takes about 15 minutes and provides a variety of information which can alert the client to issues that need addressing. For example, many people silently suffer from heart disease, but our screening can uncover risk factors so that they can seek help.

We also screen for cholesterol, and if levels are found to be high, the employee can talk to his or her family doctor and make lifestyle adjustments. High levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease, stroke, and hardening of the arteries, but if you don’t know your cholesterol is high, you won’t get treatment.

A staff health check also includes measuring the levels of glucose or blood sugar. A glucose test helps determine if somebody has diabetes or is at risk of developing it. If blood sugar is high, further testing through a family Doctor would be required to diagnosis diabetes. However, lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can significantly improve blood sugar.

Our services are not meant to replace regular check-ups with a family doctor, but they do provide an essential service by valuing your employees’ health and alerting potential problems. If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to set up an onsite health check in East Tamaki contact Onsite Health.

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