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December 15

How long does the flu vaccine last

This is a common question we get asked at Onsite Health. The basic answer is that immunity to the strains in a flu vaccine generally wanes within 6 – 12 months following vaccination, so it is important that annual flu vaccinations be administered. Therefore, flu vaccinations will last for up to one year following vaccination – providing ongoing influenza protection for both you and your staff.

The influenza virus is constantly changing and new flu vaccines are usually formulated annually for each Southern hemisphere season. In most years, a new flu vaccine formulation with (at least) one new vaccine strain is developed to provide protection against the most predominant flu strains predicted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to circulate in the upcoming season. The World Health Organisation (WHO) devotes significant resources to maintaining global surveillance on dominant flu strains each year in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Primarily the main season for flu is during winter which is why Onsite Health recommends annual flu vaccinations be administered in autumn – prior to the onset of winter.

At Onsite Health we recommend an annual flu injection for your staff if you wish to keep them protected from the flu – keeping your workforce healthy and at work. Getting a vaccination really is the best way to safeguard staff from catching the flu virus during the winter season.
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