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March 16

Preserve your staff health and productivity with workplace flu vaccinations in Auckland CBD

Have you ever thought about getting workplace flu vaccinations for your Auckland CBD office? This annual routine can be a smart investment to keep your staff healthy and productive throughout flu season. In most cases, organisations find that this annual service pays for itself well before flu season is over.

Why the Flu Is a Problem for Enterprises Like Yours

The bad news is that severe flu symptoms typically last between five and seven days. During that time, the illness causes nausea, fever, fatigue, and other symptoms. Simply put, the flu is not an illness that the average person can ignore. The flu knocks you out, in a way that almost always requires you to disrupt your regular schedule, stay in bed and wait to get better.

Therein lies the big problem with the flu for businesses. It can take members of your team out of action with little warning and for days or weeks at a time. Flu is a huge productivity killer and can force you to revise your plans on the fly. What if someone falls ill right before a major meeting, or days ahead of a crucial business trip? Even if you can juggle schedules and priorities to make up for the absence of a vital employee, the process will be stressful for everyone else. Even then, it’s still better than the employee in question coming into work and getting everyone else sick in the process.

Solve Your Absence and Productivity Problems with Staff Flu Shots in Auckland

With corporate flu vaccinations for your entire Auckland CBD office, you can help to minimise the hassles and risks associated with staff illness related to the flu. Immunising everyone in your organisation against this year’s strains of the flu will deliver numerous benefits. The biggest one is that it will help reduce sick days and absences at your organisation. Since your team members won’t be catching the flu, they’ll be less likely to take days off—especially without warning. Your team members will be taking fewer days off, and you’ll have a more productive workforce.

Another major benefit of paying for your staff flu shots in Auckland is that your employees will appreciate it because receiving a flu shot also helps protect their at-risk family members and reduces staff time off due to caring for sick family members. Every year, many people want to get flu shots, but end up skipping the immunisation because they can’t find any free time outside of work to get the shot. You can set up a time to do flu shots at your workplace during the workday, to make sure no one must take any time out of their busy schedules to take care of the immunisation.

If you are looking for a business that provides Auckland CBD workplace flu shots, choose Onsite Health Limited. We provide a convenient service that will help keep your workers healthy and make sure your office keeps humming along at high productivity. Contact us today to learn more.

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