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March 21

Protect Your Employees from the Flu with Workplace Flu Vaccinations in East Tamaki: Corporate Flu Shot Program

Every year thousands of workers take days off because of the flu virus. This pesky virus is not only a yearly annoyance, but it can also be dangerous for people with compromised immune systems or other health issues, and it leads to a serious loss in workforce productivity every year. Taking people out of action for at least five days, the flu virus is a big problem in many workplaces. Thankfully it’s easy to prevent with employee flu vaccinations in East Tamaki.

It used to be the case that every employee would have to find time on their own to go in and get a flu shot individually. While management could encourage people to take the time to get vaccinated — thereby protecting themselves and the rest of the workforce from infection – it’s hard to make sure everyone gets it done before outbreaks start to happen. Today, Onsite Health make it much easier to protect your workforce from the flu. Just pick a day when most employees are present, and a mobile health team will come right to you and administer the flu vaccine. 

Find East Tamaki Corporate Flu Shots

Since 2000, Onsite Health has been providing corporate flu vaccinations annually to firms in the greater Auckland area. These services can help your organisation prevent a costly — and potentially dangerous — flu outbreak and make sure your employees are as healthy as possible during the flu season. Every year, we provide East Tamaki with corporate flu shots from April to late June when the virus is seasonally active. With a team of experienced Vaccinators, we’ll set up right in your office and provide a cost and time effective solution to getting your whole staff vaccinated all in one place. 

These East Tamaki workplace flu vaccinations are just one of the innovative ways Onsite Health has been helping businesses across the greater Auckland region keep workplace health in mind and provide cost-saving medical services to their staff. Keeping staff absenteeism to a minimum is always a management goal, and with onsite health services, it’s that much easier. 

Experienced Providers 

As a healthcare provider since 2000, the Onsite Health team has been administering flu shots through many different seasons of the virus—which is vital since the flu virus changes frequently and the vaccination strains must change with it. With Onsite Health you can rest assured that our experienced Vaccinators are up to date on the latest changes and advances in flu vaccination, giving your employees maximum coverage against the disease. 

Don’t let the flu take valuable days of work from your office this year. Instead, get in touch with Onsite Health today to learn more about our mobile flu vaccination program as well as our other onsite health services. Losing productivity to the flu virus is something we treat with normality now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With greater vaccination coverage we can take back those sick days and maintain a much healthier workforce in East Tamaki and across Auckland. Call today at 0800 357 357 and set up a mobile flu vaccination clinic at your office — before the flu season gets going in force again.

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