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Mt Wellington Staff Health Assessment

Get a Staff Medical Check at Your Mt. Wellington Workplace with Our Health Assessment Programme

Getting a workplace health screening is a great way to invest in your employees’ well-being and the future of your organisation. By allowing your staff to get several helpful checks and tests, your employees will be able to identify potential health risks, enabling them to act and improve their well-being. To get a workplace health check at your Mt. Wellington-area organisation, read on to learn about scheduling a MedCheck assessment from Onsite Health.

Reasons it Makes Sense to Assess the Health of Your Staff

All of us have certain health habits that we reinforce daily. Whether it is getting up for a morning jog or brushing our teeth daily, there are many ways that the actions we take can have an impact on our overall quality of life and well-being. However, even if we think that we are taking adequate care of ourselves, it’s still possible to have certain health risks, such as high blood pressure or excess weight that could contribute to a wide range of medical conditions from diabetes to cardiovascular disease. For example, it’s estimated that as many as a third of New Zealanders with high blood pressure are unaware they have this significant health risk that can raise their chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Scheduling a staff medical check at your Mt. Wellington organisation can help your employees be more aware of these potential risks so they can make informed decisions about their fitness and well-being. By providing a simple health check, such as Onsite Health’s MedCheck assessment programme, you will also be investing in your organisation’s future. Not only will your employees likely feel more valued thanks to your interest in protecting their health, but you will also potentially benefit from less absenteeism and staff turnover caused by chronic illness or disability.

How to Schedule Your Mt. Wellington Staff Health Assessment

Onsite Health is a mobile workplace service that provides clients around Mt. Wellington with staff health assessment as part of our MedCheck evaluation process. MedCheck offers your employees their own Personal Health W.O.F. (Warrant of Fitness) through an uncomplicated and easy screening process. Each participant will have their pulse, blood pressure, and height and weight checked to determine what, if any, major risks could be present. Whatever your industry is—from large publicly traded companies to family-owned businesses to non-profits—we can come out to your physical address in Mt. Wellington to assess your employees with minimal impact to your day-to-day operations.

Help your employees stay healthy and make informed lifestyle choices with the assistance of a workplace health check at your Mt. Wellington organisation, or anywhere else in the greater Auckland region. To get started with a MedCheck assessment at your place of business, contact Onsite Health to book your appointment or to learn more about our service fees. We look forward to working with you to improve the health of your staff and to protect your all-important human investment in the future of your organisation.

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