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March 21

Supplement Your Corporate Wellness Plan with Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Albany

Health and wellness are vital priorities for any business to recognise. The modern workplace is a stressful place, one where employees spend long hours, take on hefty responsibilities, and race against deadlines. Also, offices are places where germs, viruses, and illnesses tend to get passed around quickly and frequently. Emphasising wellness in your workplace can result in a healthier, happier staff. Fitness and exercise have been shown to decrease stress, boost enthusiasm and even provide superior immunity. However, if you want to guard your employees against severe illnesses like influenza, you will need to supplement your wellness program with staff flu shots in Albany.

Why the Flu Can Still Affect Healthy People

Launching initiatives to create a healthier workforce is a good business idea. There is a reason that workplace wellness programs are becoming so much more common than they used to be. There is also a reason that many job searchers are looking for companies that promote a focus on wellness. It’s not always easy to find time to exercise during the workday. Corporate wellness programs make it more accessible.

However, the fact is that even the best wellness program cannot guarantee that your employees will be healthy. While regular exercise, healthy diet, and other good health habits can undoubtedly help with immunity, they do not make a person invulnerable to the illnesses that tend to circulate in offices.

Take the flu. The flu is a serious illness that tends to be highly contagious. In the close quarters of an office environment, employees can infect others with the flu even before they start showing any symptoms. The 2015 Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness, Research and Surveillance (SHIVERS) study showed that 4 out of 5 people (i.e., 80%) who were infected with the flu did not display flu symptoms, but these infected individuals were still able to spread the flu virus to their family and co-workers without even realising it. A robust immune system will help a person avoid infection even in environments where several other people have the flu, but this avoidance also requires quite a bit of luck. The fact is that even the healthiest and fittest person in your office can develop the flu if they shake hands with the wrong person or get sneezed on by a co-worker. No wellness program can rewrite this fundamental truth of how germs travel.

Fleshing out Your Wellness Plan with Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Albany

If you want to protect your workers against the flu, your best bet is to schedule annual workplace flu vaccinations at your Albany office. While being fit and healthy can certainly help someone recover from the flu, there is still a reasonable level of risk there. An annual flu shot can reduce that risk much more substantially, paving the way for a healthier workforce even through the minefield that is flu season.

Best of all, annual corporate flu vaccinations for your Albany business can fit right into your existing wellness plan. Your employees will appreciate the investment you are making in their health, and you will reap the benefits regarding reduced absences, higher workplace morale, and improved productivity.

At Onsite Health Limited, we have been providing workplace flu vaccinations in Albany every year since 2000. We come to you, making for an incredibly convenient service for your entire workplace team. If you are interested in setting up flu shots for your staff, reach out to us today.

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