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April 5

What are the benefits of getting a flu vaccination in the workplace?

Hasn’t the weather been amazing in Auckland over the summer period, and the good news is, its likely to continue for some time now. The lovely fine days are continuing back into the working months also which is a bonus. Certainly a summer to remember that’s for sure.

It’s hard to envisage now (when we are tanned and getting around in light cotton clothing) that in the not too distant future, the flu season will be peaking and the cotton clothes will be replaced with pyjamas and a thick woollen blanket as we lie shivering in our beds.

Regardless of how well we eat or look after ourselves, the flu virus can still hunt us down and create havoc to our working lives and families. The great news is you don’t have to suffer this winter if you act now and if you own a medium sized business you can easily and effectively ensure your staff are protected.

Now is the time that businesses all over the country are organising their staff flu vaccinations so by the time the Flu epidemic hits their staff they are well protected and the wheels on industry can continue to prosper.
After all, your business’ daily operations are greatly affected when you lose an employee to the flu.

So, what’s the best answer for the question? What are the benefits of getting a flu vaccination in the workplace?
The best answer lies within the fact that the CDC claims that every year the flu costs the U.S almost $10.4 billion in hospitalisations and outpatient visits just for adults alone. This does not take in to account the costs to business owners through lost production which also has a high figure.

So we know that the Flu can be destructive to our society so now it’s simply a matter of what you’re going to do about it. One thing you can do is host a flu vaccination clinic in your workplace. Its never been easier to do and the process is very cost effective in relation to what it can cost your business. You’ll be able to say that it was worth it when your staff are fit and well over winter. In fact, you’ll even be planning a clinic for each every year from this point on as the results come in. We have many clients who repeat the process annually and are thrilled with the results.

The benefits of the workplace injections are numerous and it is not just business owners that wonder about the results. Your employees are also wondering and for this reason, you should offer them incentives for getting their flu shot, such as providing it to them for free, offering refreshments or hosting a contest for the department that has the highest number of employees who get vaccinated.

Now that you have some answers to the question you’ll want to check out what our business can offer. We will send our friendly, experienced nurses into your business to give flu shots for 10 to (about) 100 people at once. We can also check your staff pulse, blood pressure and other vitals as an extra service if requested. This is valuable to your company so consider investing in it today.

Contact Onsite Health to book your flu vaccinations today. Or call 0800 357 357.


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