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February 4

What are the benefits of the flu jab

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Onsite Health have been providing Auckland with flu vaccinations to medium and large sized companies in Auckland since 1999 (15 years at the time of writing this article) and during that time it is always rewarding to get the feedback from our flu injection clients about the impact the flu jab has had on their lives and the positive impact for the business.

Not only are many large organisations in favour of flu jabs but also the government departments have been supportive also, as they  are fully aware of the productivity increases when implemented into government departments. This is also proven in the private sector as well, with less sick days and more motivated, happy staff.
In the US there is very useful information about how to protect yourself from flu and they list the Number one method as vaccinations.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we feel people should get a flu injection.

1. Increased productivity in the workplace.

New Zealand is a small county with a relatively small economy compared to our competitors overseas.  We need to be productive in all sectors as much as possible, and having sick days costs the country and businesses millions annually.

2. Caring of our children at home and at school

Not vaccinating and potentially getting the flu means you could pass it on to your children and make their lives miserable for the duration of the illness. Children’s immune systems are vulnerable to the various strains of flu around and these symptoms can be detrimental to your child’s health and well being in the short term and in some cases the long term.

3. Flu can be spread by people sneezing

Ever seen someone sneeze? Millions of particles are released into the atmosphere on every sneeze and these particles are jammed packed with contagious germs that will penetrate  into your blood stream and pass on the virus, should you have the misfortune to inhale them unknowingly.

4. Flu germs can last on average one day

Not only can sneezing help spread the flu virus by small particles being inhaled, these particles can also survive up to one day on certain surfaces. So you could inadvertently touch a surface that some one sneezed on that morning and pick up the flu virus. Not nice at all

5. The flu virus affects millions of people annually

According to our research 5-20% of people can be affected by flu virus at any one time which means you will come in contact with it whether you like it or not.

So protect yourself and your family by speaking with your team at work and organise a bulk flu jab for every body,

Let us come to you and get the job done fast and efficiently

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