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March 21

Why Vaccinations Work: Reasons to Get Your Staff Flu Shots at Your Penrose Workplace

As autumn approaches, there is one thing New Zealanders can be certain of—flu season is just around the corner. At Onsite Health, we encourage employers to get their staff vaccinated beforehand through easy and convenient workplace flu vaccinations throughout the Penrose area. Read on to discover the benefits of providing this service for your employees. 

Because all strains of influenza are highly contagious and can be spread by coughing, sneezing, or not washing one’s hands properly, it’s in the interest of all organisations to do their part to reduce the incidence of flu by encouraging their staff to get their annual flu vaccination. Not only will this help protect those most vulnerable to the flu, but it will also reduce absenteeism and lost productivity on your end. For this reason alone, many employers have discovered that getting staff flu shots at their Penrose location simply makes good sense.

Since 2000, Onsite Health has provided quality workplace flu vaccinations in Penrose and throughout the greater Auckland region. Our trained staff of friendly and highly experienced Vaccinators can come to your physical address any time before the peak of flu season (which can begin as early as April or May) and provide your workers with reliable quadrivalent flu shots that have been tailored to combat the most prevalent flu strains expected to hit this season. 

To learn how you can schedule staff flu shots at your Penrose office or other location from Onsite Health, be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience. By acting before flu has a chance to take hold at your workplace, you’ll be taking a proactive stance in your company’s all-too-important human investment and your organisation’s overall productivity. 

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